Thank You



Thank you to all the wonderful members and staff of St. Anne’s Episcopal Church in Annapolis, Maryland who donated to the Episcopal Church to support us.  Thanks also to family, friends, and colleagues for their support.

Wayne and Linda Adamson

Kathy and Scott Allan

Bill and Monica Barry

Randy and Dede Brown

Jane Brunt

Florence Calvert

Jer and Jane Chambers

Susan and Stephan Choquette

John and Cathy Clark

Pru Clendenning and Bob Clopp

Charles Cloughen

Suzanne Colbert

Betty and Mike Creighton

Ned and Sandy Criscimagna

Nancy Curro

Janet Shenk and Michael Dee

Ginger and Frank DeLuca

Anne Devadason

Mary Dierdorff

Ross and Sheree Dierdorff

Josiah Dykstra and Alicia Spoor

Herb and Susan Fowler

Eric and Wendy Fredland

Bill and Sally Garrett

Mary Greczyn and Howard Buskirk

Judy Guy

Katherine Haas and Bob Feldman

John and Kirsten Hair

Katie Harris and Sylvia Lohr

Nancy Harris

Kendal and Joseph Hartman

Kev and Laurie Hays

Bill and Gail Herald

Paul Hiemstra and Larry Earle

Arnie and Ardis Henderson

Hugh and Debbie Houghton

Madeleine Hughes

John and Susan Jacobson

Jean Brinton Jaecks and Harry L Jaecks

Joe and Cacky Janssens

Judye and Frank Jarema

Mimi Jones

John and Fritzi Riley Kenny

Wally and Dani Kleinfelder

Dick and Kathryn Libby

Jeanne and Bill Malicki

Colleen and Paul Mawicke

Tom and Pam May

Sharon McElfish

Lisa McKnight and Jan Reid

Sue Mertes

Jeff and Marla Miles

Peter and Cyndra Mogayzel

Amy and Jim Morris

Judy and Bob Olson

Kathleen and David Patterson

Connie Saeger-Proctor and Jim Proctor

Caroline Purdy

Tom and Lutie Rayhart

Andrew Richter and Jennifer Prough

Jim and Deede Rivers

Richard and Lorie Roeser

Elizabeth Rogers

Janet and James Ross

Ford and True Rowan

Charles Ruch

Donna and Chris Schein

Matthew and Lori Schubert

Kathy and George Shahinian

Lisa and John Sherwood

Bill and Linda Silva

John and Sue Smith

Peter and Molly Smith

Mary Beth Spaeth

Fran Spector

Patricia Spencer

Al and Carolyn Strunk

Carolyn Sullivan

Dick and Woo Sweeney

Cardie Templeton

Judy Templeton

Tripp and Carol Trippitelli

Gail and Chip Tucker

Kay and Tony Van Hover

Karen Walsh

Jean and Gordon Wells

Allison Williams

Laura and Joe Wood

Nancy Wright

Pat Zeno and Frank Parent

Ann Ziegler

We also received support for our website and blog from

Petey Cosby

Steve and Vicki Esmacher

Jim Proctor

Clay and Carol Richards

Jim and Deede Rivers


St Anne's Staff

Us with some of St. Anne’s Church staff.

With thanks to Judye Jarema for the staff photograph.

  1. Joe and Amy..The Huggins told us how wonderful your party was…best to you as you prepare for your next jouney…will continue to follow..
    Allan & LeeAnne ❤️

    Liked by 1 person

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