Prières quotidienne

Amy and I have started using “Daily Devotions for Individuals and Families” from the Book of Common Prayer in French (Le Livre de la Prière Commune) for our morning prayers. According to the Anglican Francophone Network (Réseau francophone de la Communion anglicane) there are over 4 million French speaking Anglicans worldwide. The network has identified translating key liturgical texts into French and the development of French resources for theological education as high priorities. We will be traveling to a number of francophone countries in Africa to learn about their resources and needs for theological education.


Good also to remember that the largest diocese in the Episcopal Church, Haiti with over 83,700 members, is francophone.

  1. You are both in my daily prayers as you answer your new call. I will even try to remember how to say some prayers I used to know in French as I follow along with you! Thanks for taking me with you! Marjie

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  2. Joe, here is a blessing that my dear father used to say and that we still say at the table to honor his memory:
    Notre pere, benissez la nouriture que nous allons recevoir et procurez du pain pour ceux qui n’en ont pas.
    Only without the accents and possibly incorrect – my French is tres rusty!
    Miss you guys! Hope you’re enjoying NC.
    Lots of love, Linda

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