Greybeards in Africa?

Hadrian was the first Roman emperor to wear a full beard. This is usually attributed to his love of Greek culture (although some claim he wore a beard to hide blemishes on his face). Prior to Hadrian the clean-shaven look was considered more Roman. In any event, Hadrian’s love of Greece and his beard earned him the nickname graeculus, or “Greekling.” ha460So in addition to the simple fact that beards are growths of hair on a person’s face, they also signify. But what? The masculinity of the lumberjack, the irony of the hipster, the emperor’s love of Greece? I’ve got about three weeks growth of facial hair, which is starting to look like a beard. In my current circumstances, it mainly says, “I’m between jobs.” But as we prepare to move to Africa, I wonder what a beard means there. And, in my case, I wonder what a grey beard means in Africa. Love to hear from anyone who knows.

  1. I think of it as a conservation effort. . . saving time, money, and resources. Does that work for you? However, culturally. . . not a clue!

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  2. I love the “I’m between jobs” notion – it made me actually laugh out loud! Your ‘between jobs’ job is pretty daunting to the likes of me … studying French, researching teaching protocols, studying up on the cultures you will engage with, and many other things! Hardly seems there is any time to fish! 😉

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    1. Thanks Kev. The French is coming along slowly, but I am quite enjoying reading Moltmann. Alas, the fishing is not too good. Only caught a couple of small bass. Hopefully things will heat up soon. Miss you. Love to you and Laurie, Joe


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