Come With Us!

Okay, maybe a trip to Newfoundland Labrador isn’t in your immediate future, at least not in person.  But please join us by following this blog.  We’ll share what we’re doing, where we’re going, and what we’re learning.  We’ll share photos, videos, interviews, reflections. If you scroll back far enough, you’ll find posts about our service as Episcopal Volunteers in Mission in Africa, especially South Africa. We welcome your comments, questions, and prayer requests.  Thanks for visiting!

  1. I will e-gotoafrica with you guys!! Missing you terribly in Annapolis but looking forward to this next adventure. Know our prayers and good wishes go with you, too! (Katherine)

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  2. How wonderful to see your smiling faces! You are in our prayers and hearts. Oh the adventures you will have….and the lucky students who will learn from you. Let us know when you will be in Grahamstown so we can contact our daughter’s friends. Eric joins me in sending lots of love.

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  3. Amy & Joe..the Huggins were here last week and we know you are about to leave..peace and love to you both..will be following your blog…💕..
    Allan & LeeAnne

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  4. I’m so glad to have found my random note in the bowels of stacks in my desk with this website on it! Still bummed you guys won’t be at church when we visit Dad this New Year’s but looking forward to seeing what you’ve been up to this year! Thank you for following through with the website! You may get a follower or two from Minnesota. I shared it with my Facebook people. Heading to read and catch up with you now!! March to now…. almost Sept….how did THAT happen?!

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  5. Hello! Alex and I have moved on from St. Anne’s. After teaching Sunday School and Sunday Discovery for ten years, I still think about our fun classes and miss the kids every Sunday. I still read the e-blast, however, and look in on the website once in a while. You and Joe were great with all of our young people-. I wish you well in all of your endeavors in Africa. Best to you both!


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