I Love The Episcopal Church!

Amy and I are working on a new book, a collection of personal reflections on the experience of worship in the Episcopal Church by some of the brightest and most creative people in the church today. We asked folks for contributions and have been overwhelmed by their generosity and love for the church. We are still waiting to hear back from a few more people, but here are our contributors thus far:

J. Neil Alexander, Michael BattleCameron Dezen HammonKelly Brown DouglasRodney ClappMelissa DeckmanStephen FowlPaul FrombergKathryn Greene-McCreightStanley HauerwasB. J. HeyboerRhonda Mawhood LeeIan MarkhamDuane Alexander MillerAmy PetersonSpencer ReeceChuck RobertsonSophfronia ScottLauren Winner, Luisa Elena Bonillas, Fred Bahnson, Rachel Marie Stone, and Kim Edwards

The book will be published by Cascade in 2019.  Feeling truly blessed to serve in this church.


Photos by Amy Richter of The Annunciation by Fra Angelico, San Marco, Florence


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