Easter Joy!

Our official appointment as missionaries of the Episcopal Church began on Easter Sunday. As someone with a strong sense of God’s providence, I think what the theme of our ministry ought to be is pretty clear: “Christ is risen!”

Here is a splendid reflection on Easter by Juergen Moltmann:

Easter is the central feast day of Eastern Christianity. Christ’s resurrection and the appearance in him of eternal life on this earth are the inexhaustible reason for the Easter jubilation. Christ is risen! He is risen indeed! Following the canon of John of Damascus, the church sings: “Everything brims over with light, Heaven and earth, and the world below the earth. All creation celebrates with joy Christ’s rising. For now creation is assured.” The West also knows that the resurrection is not only a human event, but a cosmic one as well: “Earth with joy confesses, clothing her for spring. All good gifts restored with her returning king. Bloom in every meadow, leaves on every bough, speak his sorrows ended, hail his triumph now.”

 Easter Joy! That pretty much covers it.


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