Fingerprints and Faith

Today we got our fingerprints scanned for FBI background checks for our South African visa applications.

Every time I’ve had my fingerprints taken for a background check, I think of Matthew 10:30, when Jesus is talking to the disciples, assuring them of their value in God’s sight and telling them not to be afraid: even the hairs of your head are all counted.  God knows every last detail about us, including the details that make us unique.  Go, do the work God gives you to do.  Don’t be afraid.

So often, as we have been preparing for our time as appointed missionaries, when we have told people what we are doing, people have prayed for us, sometimes on the the spot.  It’s been humbling and beautiful.  Today it happened again when we told the person scanning our prints why we need them.  She said her church is taking a mission trip to South Africa this year and that she would pray for us.  The nurse who gave us our shots said she would pray for us (not about getting the shots.  This was afterwards). We went to the local Toyota dealer to try to sell our car, and two salespeople prayed over us.  They didn’t offer to pray sometime or ask us if they could, they just launched in, praying for God’s guidance, for our well-being and safety, for faithfulness in our work as missionaries.  Beautiful and powerful.

At first, I thought, Wow, this is amazing that all these strangers are praying for us.  Then I realized they’re not strangers at all. They are brothers and sisters in Christ, doing what Christians do–pray for one another.


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