New York on a Missionary’s Budget (Part 2)

We leave New York City this morning to spend a week with friends in the Adirondacks.

Despite our rather limited budget we’ve had a splendid time.  Once we got our visa application at the South African Consulate completed on Friday, we had Saturday and Sunday to ourselves.  Here’s what we did all on the cheap:

Saturday Morning: A run in Central Park–free, fun, and full of people.

central park

Saturday Afternoon: The Metropolitan Museum of Art–Amy looked at the exhibit on “Fashion and the Catholic Imagination,” and I stuck to European and American Painting.

the met

Saturday Evening: Dinner on the roof deck of our hotel–take out salads from a nearby cafe, a bottle of cheap wine, and views of midtown.


Saturday Night: Rush tickets to the American Ballet Theater at Lincoln Center: “La Bayadere,” with Misty Copeland as Gamzatti–The “Kingdom of the Shades” was extraordinary!


Sunday Morning: Worship at the historic Riverside Church–Harry Fosdick’s old church, where Reinhold Neibuhr, Paul Tillich, and Martin Luther King have all spoken or preached.


Sunday Afternoon: The Cloisters–free with your Metropolitan Museum ticket.  Great medieval collection in Fort Tyron Park.  One highlight was a beautiful wood sculpture of the Dormition of Mary.  She is surrounded by 11 of the apostles who are saying prayers and grieving her death.  The absent apostle was Thomas.  He missed another big event and this time doubted Mary’s assumption.   In the upper right hand corner (not pictured here) we see how God deals with Doubting Thomas this time: an angel appears to Thomas with the Virgin Mary’s belt!


Sunday Night: Cheap Korean food for dinner.  Delicious.

Caio New York!



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