Who Does This?

Meet our missionaries!

For the past two weeks, we were at Mission Orientation with the eight other people who will start a time of service as missionaries of the Episcopal Church.  It was great to meet these wonderful, wise, funny, and compassionate people who are volunteering to serve.

Five of the new missionaries are part of the Young Adult Service Corps (YASC).  Five of us are part of Episcopal Volunteers in Mission (EVIM).  Other fun facts:  Two of the YASCs just recently graduated from college (what a big summer for them!)  Two of the EVIMs just graduated from seminary (kudos to them too!) Four of the YASCs are children of Episcopal priests.  One is a second generation Episcopal missionary.

We are so happy to know we are sharing a time of service with these people:

Mission Group with PB CurrySteve Nagy is from the Diocese of Connecticut and graduated this year from Berkley Divinity School, the Episcopal Seminary at Yale University. Steve will be going to Rome and will work with St. Paul’s Within the Walls Episcopal Church and the Joel Nafuma Refugee Center there.


Della Wells is from the Diocese of Rhode Island and also recently graduated from Berkley at Yale. She will be ordained to the transitional diaconate in August. Della will serve in Jerusalem, working with St. George’s College, St. George’s Cathedral, and Jerusalem Peacebuilders.

Mission Group with PB Curry


Madeline Roberts is from the Diocese of Maine and graduated recently from McGill University in Montreal. Madeline is going to Liverpool, England and will work with Cathedral education programs.


Mission Group with PB Curry


Mitchel Bibelheimer is from the Diocese of Oklahoma. Mitchell is a recent graduate of Oklahoma State University.  He will be serving in the Philippines, working on sustainable agricultural practices.


Mission Group with PB Curry

Lydia Pendleton is from the Diocese of New Hampshire. Lydia is going to Puerto Rico where she will work with REDES (Respuesta Episcopal ante Desastre – Episcopal Response to Disasters), a diocesan effort focusing on  hurricane recovery and preparation for future hurricane seasons.


Mission Group with PB Curry


Peter Bak is from the  Diocese of Rhode Island. Peter will be serving in Tanzania. He will be teaching seminarians skills such as plumbing so they have ways to sustain themselves financially as they serve the Church.


Mission Group with PB Curry

Greg Steffenson is from the Diocese of Virginia. Greg will also be going to Tanzania. He will be serving in Dodoma, where he will teach science at a school there. This is not Greg’s first time living in Dodoma. He lived there for a year as a child when his parents served in an early version of EVIM!


Mission Group with PB Curry


Hal McCleod is from the Diocese of Upper South Carolina. Hal will be serving in Costa Rica as a teacher.



Also in the group photo:  The Rev. Aaro Ryktkönen, Executive Director of the Al Amana Centre in Oman, who visited with our group, and the Most Rev. Michael B. Curry, Presiding Bishop of the Episcopal Church.

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