What is enough?

As we embark on this new ministry, the word enough has crossed my mind more than a few times. Have I packed enough? Am I prepared enough? Will I know enough? Will there be enough?

In the wonderful gift that is the lectionary, the lessons for August 5 (Proper 13 B; Pentecost 11) are about contentment.  Here’s a link to a sermon I wrote for Sermons That Work.

Here’s a recorded version if you would like to listen to it:  

Contentment is not complacency.  Many realities in our world merit our discontent. Confronting, addressing, and changing them takes energy, creativity, and persistence.  Taking shelter in discontent warps our view, makes us blind to our blessings, and saps the strength we need to make changes so that all may have enough.

What helps you dwell in contentment?


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