1. Hi Joe, To let you know I am at St Philips Theological College in Kongwa, Tanzania for the next 90 days. I like your pictures of the Penguins but the really burning question is how did find their way to South Africa? Let Amy know I will have a special email for later today.

    On Sep 7, 2018 5:39 AM, “Amy and Joe Go to Africa” wrote:

    Joe Pagano posted: “in … Boulder … Bay … South … Africa! “

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    1. Dear Peter, So glad to hear that you are now in Tanzania! The folks at St. Philips are no doubt blessed to have you in their midst. Hoping and praying that this will be a wonderful time and ministry for you. And, yes, what a wonderful, surprising world where we encounter penguins in South Africa. I’m afraid I don’t know the origins of the penguin colony here, but am delighted that God saw fit to give these splendid creatures a home in this beautiful land. I’ll tell Amy to look for your message. Blessings and peace, Joe


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