Theology of Religion

On Thursday I will be giving a presentation on recent trends in the theology of religions at the College of the Transfiguration.  The college is hosting a weeklong “refreshment in ministry” program for clergy in the province.  I was asked to give a presentation and decided to do something on the theology of religion, which is the topic of a course I regularly taught when I was in the States.

The challenge is how to pare down an entire semester’s course into an hour-long presentation.  I decided to offer brief remarks on the following approaches:

  • Karl Barth: “Religion is Unbelief”
  • Revelation Yes, Salvation No: Gerald McDermott’s Evangelical Approach
  • Karl Rahner: “Anonymous Christians”
  • John Hick and Pluralism
  • Radical Diversity
  • Comparative Theology

I’m quite interested in how folks in South Africa will respond to these diverse approaches to the issues and themes in the theology of religions.

I expect to learn a lot!

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