What a Way to Begin

You only get one chance to make a first impression. How would you start a new journey? a new relationship? a new ministry?

In John’s Gospel, Jesus’ first “sign” is turning water into wine (John 2:1-11). Why that? Why begin that way?

I got to meditate on that in this sermon, posted on the Episcopal Church’s Sermons That Work site. You can read the sermon here.

The sermons on the newly designed site are now also being recorded, so you can listen if you prefer. The readers are members of the Episcopal Church staff. This sermon was read by Elizabeth Boe, Mission Personnel, Global Partnerships and Mission Personnel.

There is so much going on in this Gospel passage, so many moments of transformation, wonder, surprise, ignorance, and recognition.

The Spiritual Life Center of the Catholic Diocese of Wichita (Kansas) has a wonderful Cana Sculpture Garden in which sculptor Bill Hopen has portrayed several moments in the story. Perhaps these photos will stir your own meditations and wonder.

Do whatever he tells you.

“Do whatever he tells you,” Mary says. The servants do, and blessings flow. What is Jesus telling me, and you, to do? Is there a “whatever” in your life that is waiting for your action, your first step?

Cana Sculpture Garden; Sculptures by Bill Hopen, at the Spiritual Life Center of the Catholic Diocese of Wichita, Kansas. Photos taken April 5, 2018.

  1. Jesus is telling me at this moment to say thank you for this beautiful post and for Joe and you in my life, past, present, and future. On with the wedding feast!

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  2. Any ,I loved this sermon. Putting the Isaiah Scripture with this first sign of Jesus really opens up the Gospel account. I have always loved “do what he tells you” Combined with your words “perfect wholeness lies ahead Trust Jesus God will keep Gods promise And then the verbs. Thank you for sharing this. Love to you and Joe. Deede Sent from my iPhone


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    1. Thank you, Deede, as always for your encouragement. You are such a wonderful example of “doing what he tells you” and the joy that brings. Thank you for that too. Love to you and Jim


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