Graduation at COT

On Tuesday, March 12, 2019 eight people graduated from the College of Transfiguration. Four received a Diploma in Theology (a three year program of study) and four received a Bachelor of Theology (a four year degree). The school year ends in November and students return in March to graduate so the celebration is a homecoming as well.

Graduates with the Rector, some of the Staff and Faculty, Graduation Speaker, and Chairperson of Council

Graduation was set in the context of the office of Evening Prayer.

Gathering for prayer before the procession
Graduates of the College of Transfiguration
The Graduands (Graduates)

The address was given by Bishop Dino Gabriel, Bishop of the Diocese of Natal.

Bishop Dino in the procession

He reminded graduates of the nature of their call. From his address:

We cannot be prophets and followers in the way of Jesus whilst we are jockeying for power—Let me sit at your right hand. Let me be rector of the richest parish. Let me be the youngest archdeacon or the most powerful bishop. We cannot shine light in the darkness and offer a sign of hope whilst we are competing to sit at the main table, whilst we are being served rather than serving. If that’s the kind of minister you are, if you claim honor and pride of place, your parish will not be a place of hope. If you allow yourself to be set on a pedestal and receive preferential treatment, you will fail to see Christ in the weak and vulnerable and hopeless and you will not be good news for the poor, you will not release our society from captivity, you will not proclaim the year of the Lord’s favor.

Bishop Dino Gabriel, Graduation Address, College of the Transfiguration 12 March, 2019

Graduates received their diplomas, degrees, and their hoods.

Ms. Nobuhle Hlatshwayo of the Diocese of Natal
The Rev Koena Tsheletjie

There was much rejoicing as degrees were conferred. Family and friends had worked and prayed to see this occasion arrive and some have traveled long distances to be here.

A mother rejoices to see the first graduate in her family receive his degree.

This prayer was said for the Graduates:

Creator God, grant to these college graduands discernment to love that which is worth loving, to know that which is worth knowing, to praise that which pleases you most, to esteem that which is most precious to you and to dislike that which is evil in your eyes. By your Holy Spirit enlighten and support them; give them courage and wisdom and a new spirit of faith and adventure, for the sake of Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

Following the service, people visited and shared in a reception. Here are some of our colleagues, students, and friends.

Please continue to keep the College of Transfiguration in your prayers, and please include prayers of thanksgiving and rejoicing for these new graduates!

Except for the final gallery of photos, all photos were taken by COT student Edilston Tomas Edy.

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