For Good Friday

Joe is reading St. Augustine’s De Trinitate for one of the courses he is teaching at the College of Transfiguration. That means I get the highlights.

Here is today’s:

For just as a snake does not walk with open strides but wriggles along by the tiny little movements of its scales, so the careless glide little by little along the slippery path of failure, and beginning from a distorted appetite for being like God they end up by becoming like beasts.

St. Augustine, De Trinitate, Book XII, Ch. 3. 11, 16

Today, victory over the serpent

sculpture by Antoine Louis Barye, in Rittenhouse Square, Philadelphia, PA. Photo from
Photo from

and forgiveness of even my wriggling and tiny little movements.

Featured photo from

  1. Thank you both. This post captures the confluence of love and forgiveness, even of the tiny sins of each tiny one of us. No heroes or giants standing around watching today’s execution.

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