Saving Words

We are very excited to have received a contract for our new book project, Saving Words. We are thrilled to work this extraordinary group of Episcopal and Anglican writers:

Anthony Bash

Molly Bosscher

Laurie Brock

Brian Cole

Andrew Davison

Ian Douglas

Melinda Fowl

John Gibaut

Kathryn Greene-McCreight

Malcolm Guite

Robert Heaney

Wesley Hill

Katrina Karnehm-Esh

John Kiess

Ian Markham

John Milbank

Duane A. Miller

Amy Peterson

Catherine Ricketts

Kara Slade

Stephen Spencer

Ragan Sutterfield

Christopher Wells

Jane Williams

Jesse Zink

    1. 🙂 Ha ha ha! At my ordination you promised to help me not take myself too seriously! Thanks for keeping your promise! And thanks for all your encouragement about writing along the way. Peace and joy, Amy


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