Amy and Joe Went to Africa

And we are so glad that we did.

We are so grateful for the opportunity we had to serve as Episcopal Volunteers in Mission. We met wonderful people, saw amazing sights, learned a lot. We prayed, listened, spoke, watched, read, studied, sang, walked, hiked, ran, laughed, cried, shared, received. We made new friends and met colleagues we admire and will continue to keep in touch with. We experienced the love and support of family and friends at home. We were stretched and loved and encouraged.

The pandemic continues and we will not be able to return to Africa, so this ministry comes to an end for us. Our prayers and love for the people we met and work they do continues.

Thank you for coming with us though this blog. We are grateful for your comments, questions, taking the time to read, and for your prayers, which strengthen and support us as we begin a new ministry in about a month.

Starting August 15, we will be serving as parish priests in the Diocese of Western Newfoundland, in the Anglican Church of Canada. We will be serving in the parish of Pasadena/Cormack (St. David of Wales, Pasadena, and St. George of England, Cormack). We will also be teaching through Queen’s College, which is located in St. John’s, Newfoundland. We’ll include a link in this blog to whatever new blog or way of keeping in touch we start when we get situated there.

Thank you again for your support and prayers. We wish you God’s blessings, peace, and joy.

  1. Sent from my iPad..

    Amy & Joe..Welcome to Canada. We are delighted to hear this news and know you will love Newfoundland…most definitely a part of our country we want to visit. We have said prayers for you over the past several months and continue to remember you in our prayers.

    Best, Allan & LeeAnne


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    1. Thank you for your continuing prayers and for the warm welcome! Please come visit! (And you helped me get my passport, which is making this move possible, so huge thanks to you!) Sending love, Amy and Joe


  2. Amy and Joe, that sounds wonderful! You two are quite the adventurers, and I hope this next chapter of your journey will be as fulfilling and interesting as your time in Africa. Maybe you can stop in Annapolis on your way north – we would love to see you and wish you Godspeed. Bill and I will keep you both in our prayers and wish you much success and send our love,

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  3. Congratulations, hope you love New Foundland as much as we love Maine.

    Bruce and Eleanor

    Get Outlook for iOs Bruce and Eleanor Krause 1116 Bremen Rd Waldoboro Me 04572 207-832-2156 home 207-832-1247 cell ________________________________

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  4. Dear amy and joe, you have been wonderful to keep in touch with us at st. Anne’s for so long, and I have loved reading about all your adventures and insights and seeing all of your pictures. Now you are going far away from us again in the opposite direction, and my love goes with you. St. Anne’s still misses you very much. I hope you will be fulfilled in your new ministry, and I look forward to seeing more blogs, as if you don’t have enough else to do besides keeping in touch with us.
    Are you still scared of spiders?

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    1. We love and miss you, Madeleine. Thank you for your good wishes and prayers. I am SO much better about spiders now–and, also, I admit, really happy they won’t be much of a challenge where we’re going. Bonus: snakes aren’t native there, so Joe’s pretty happy about that. Much love, Amy


  5. Amy and Joe, it has been a joy and a blessing to go to Africa with you and I’m looking forward to going to Newfoundland with you too. Whither thought goest, I virtually goest.

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  6. Dear Amy and Joe –
    What a wonderful new adventure you all have waiting for you! My Mom and I went to see “Come From Away” last year in NYC, that area of the world sounds incredible. We miss you both and wish you lots of love and blessings, xo Margaret, Roberts and kids

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  7. Dear Amy and Joe
    Bob keeps me apprised of your ministry wherever you go! I hold such special memories of you from the brief but truly wonderful time you spent at St Andrews. What a dramatic change to go from Africa to Newfoundland. May you be blessed as you always bless those you encounter.

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    1. Thank you, Peace! We have such special memories of you and St. Andrew’s as well. Thank you for helping to shape our ministries and for sharing this journey with us. We hope you are well, and we are sending love and blessings!


  8. Dear Amy and Joe, You are both amazing. I have enjoyed reading your blogs these 2 years you were in Africa. We wish you blessings on this new post in Newfoundland. Is that the area you traveled to summer of 2017? I remember you both enjoyed the beautiful landscape and hikes. We send you good health and love as you travel to your new adventure spreading your light as only you can. We hope to travel to Newfoundland and the maritime provinces to paint when the shutters again open to all. Take care, God speed. Love, Jean and Harry

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    1. Thank you, Jean and Harry, for keeping in touch, and we really hope you are able to come visit! You will be most welcome and it would be lovely to visit again in person. Sending love and blessings! Amy and Joe


  9. Dear Amy & Joe, We have so enjoyed your blog over the past few years. I’ve saved many of them to read again. Congratulations on your new posts. We were in Newfoundland a few years ago and just loved it. Such beautiful countryside. You are in our prayers night & day and will stay there for a good long time. We wish you all the best and hope that our paths cross once again, but for now, Virtual will have to do. Good luck and God’s peace be with you always. Love, Fran


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