Prayer and Reflection for August 6, The Transfiguration

August 6 is the celebration of the Transfiguration of the Lord. Today Rev. Amy and Rev. Joe offer prayer and a reflection on Matthew 17:1-9, Seeing Jesus. Thank you for joining us today! (Click on the underlined “prayer and a reflection” above and it should take you there). 

  1. Joe & Amy..I loved the service today. Your voice was amazing Joe and I needed this half hour to be quiet and reflect on my life..
    I could visualize you on that mountain in Italy..every word was so impactful.
    God Bless both of you, I am loving your daily prayers.
    Hope you are doing well ..

    LeeAnne 👏

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    1. Thank LeeAnne. We are doing quite well and very happy to be in NFL. We are happy and healthy, but have a a week and half more of quarantine. Can’t wait to get out and about and enjoy this beautiful place. Love, Joe and Amy


  2. Thank you both for this post. And, thank you for your continuing contact with people in places you have served in the past. Especially when we can’t be together physically, your posts, the many Zoom opportunities we have, and online formation efforts have felt very supportive and community building to me. Blessings as you go forward.

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    1. Thanks Pamela. It has been a blessing to remain connected with folks near and far. Thanks, as always, for the ways you stay in touch. Blessings, Joe


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