Morning Prayer for Friday Aug 14

Welcome to a brief service of Morning Prayer (under 12 minutes) with a conversational reflection on rejoicing always and thinking on good things (Philippians 4:4-9), especially as our time of quarantine is coming to its end. (Click on the underlined Morning Prayer above and it should take you to a link where you can listen).

Yes! Our quarantine comes to an end on Friday morning, 14 days after we arrived in the province of Newfoundland-Labrador. We are looking forward to meeting parishioners in person and exploring our new community. We are grateful to the people who brought us food during this time, and grateful to be, even right here, in a beautiful place.

My favourite sight in our yard are the birches.

We wish you God’s peace that surpasses all understanding.

Amy and Joe

The featured image is Rembrandt’s Paul in Prison, in the Staatsgalerie Stuttgart.

  1. We loved being with you this morning for Prayer and your reflection on one of my most favorite passages. In addition to the reception and prayer I love to hear you laughing . Have a great day tomorrow as you go out from your home to meet new friends and parishioners. You are in such a beautiful place . I know you will be greatly loved and be a blessing to all. The birch trees are beautiful. I love that you are unpacking memories that have been stored away fora few years. Do you have a mailing address ? Love and joy in Jesus , Jim and Deede. Jim just headed across the street to the dock for a little fishing. He catches perch and then releases them . I think those fish must be saying “ here he comes again for our daily fun of being caught and let go…our daily adventure “.

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