Morning Prayer for Tuesday August 18

Welcome to a brief (just over 15 minutes) service of Morning Prayer, with a conversational reflection on the problem of how to push a camel through the eye of a needle and the good news that for God, all things are possible (Matthew 19:23-30).

(Click on the underlined Morning Prayer above to listen to the recording).

Image by Michal Osmenda on Wikimedia Commons

  1. Loved it. Appreciate the idea of tension gospel presents. Wonder how that applies to Episcopal church tendency to merge with morally liberal culture? Abortion, same sex marriage – isn’t there a tension there too? Or do we pick and choose tensions we like? I am writing this because I don’t think many people will see this: what about fornication? Specific definition and widespread among our church culture- never heard a sermon about it – where is living that turns permissive, over-sexualized culture on its head?
    (Being bold in my statements) 😊


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