Morning Prayer for Wednesday October 7

Welcome to brief (11 minutes) Morning Prayer. Today’s conversational reflection is about Luke 11:1-4, Jesus teaches his disciples to pray.

(Click on Morning Prayer to go to a link where you can listen to the recording).

If you want to hear more about the Lord’s Prayer, petition by petition, see posts from August 28- September 3.

Thanks for joining us today! Blessings and joy, Amy and Joe

Featured image by Anna Shvets on Pexels.

  1. Loved all you said about the Lord’s prayer and being able to pray it with you was so precious . It was lovely hearing in Greek and listening to the cadence . I so resonated with what you said about the scripture that becomes a part of us orally. I have so much stored up from Morning Prayer from hearing it over and over from early childhood. Just last week at a mini retreat we had for women outside on the huge beautiful lawn of Lori Marchant I had this experience. Townsend opened with a thought from Psalm 24. As she spoke it in the translation of today my brain clicked in to the King James translation I had said over and over and it was right there . I think that is so true about our beautiful liturgy for all of our services . I love in our family the opportunity to pray together the prayer Jesus gave us. Our grand children love and know the priestly blessing as I have always prayed it with them as I tucked them in at night and made the sign of the cross on their forehead. Our Joshua now 17 and 6ft 3inches asked we he spent the night last summer.,Noni , do I still get the Blessing. When the UK blessing came out they all loved turning on their phones as we gathered around John’s Fire Pitt spread out and singing together with the young people from the U K the Lord bless you and keep you. Thank you for a beautiful morning with you and Jesus and the prayer he taught us. I love what you shared. Jim was not here so hopefully he can listen later. In his love,Deede

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