Morning Prayer for Monday, October 12

Happy Thanksgiving! We get to celebrate Thanksgiving twice this year—today, in Canada, where the holiday occurs on the second Monday of October, and I’m sure we’ll celebrate again with our family and friends from the United States, when it occurs on the fourth Thursday of November.

Today’s brief (under 10 minutes) Morning Prayer includes a retelling of Luke 17:11-19 for children, He Remembered to Say Thank You. It’s the story of Jesus’s healing 10 lepers and the one who returns to give thanks. It was written by Victor Mann and was published by Concordia Publishing House in 1976.

What I enjoyed about the story as a child, and still do, is that it points to the way illnesses are isolating, and the joy of the man who is healed (called Hiram in this version) when Jesus heals him and restores him to his community. I loved hearing about Hiram’s excitement and trust that Jesus would be able to make him whole. His remembering to say Thank you doesn’t read as a rote response to a parent’s prompting, or nagging, Now remember to say thank you. Rather, it reflects the genuine joy we feel when we realize that any and all gifts and blessings come from our gracious God.

You can listen to Morning Prayer here.

Thank you for joining us today and have a blessed Thanksgiving, today, or whenever you give thanks.

Featured Image and this one by Betty Mann, from He Remembered to Say Thank You: Luke 17:11-19 for Children, by Victor Mann, Illustrated by Betty Wind. Published by Concordia Publishing House, Arch Books, 1976.

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