Morning Prayer for Monday November 9

Welcome to brief (just over 10 minutes) Morning Prayer. Today’s conversational reflection is on Luke 17:1-6, on faith and the power to do extraordinary things, like forgive.

(Click on Morning Prayer above to go to a link where you can listen to the recording).

Thank you for joining us today!

PS If you enjoy our blog and have signed up to receive email notifications, we want to make sure you keep getting them. In just over a week, the address http://www.amyandjoegotoafrica will cease to be. Instead please go to, scroll down the page and sign up to receive email notifications. Sorry for this inconvenience. We love having you on this journey with us and we love hearing from you. God’s blessings and joy, Amy and Joe

  1. Today is the anniversary of our blessing. We remember with so much love and thanksgiving for each other of course, but also for both of you. It was a perfect day and one will will treasure for as long as we live. Thank you again and much love to you both.

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    1. Happy Blessing Anniversary! We remember that day with such joy. Blessed to be a blessing–the two of you have lived that out in so many ways. Your love for each other, in God’s love, certainly overflows to others. We are happy for you and celebrate with you. Love, Amy and Joe


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