Morning Prayer for Sunday February 7

Welcome to Morning Prayer from the Parish of Pasadena and Cormack Newfoundland Labrador! Today’s service is led by Rev. Joe Pagano, Rev. Amy Richter, Karen Colbourne (reading our first lesson, Isaiah 40:21-31), Wanda and Milton Osmond (leading our prayers), and musicians Ed and Debbie Humber and Lloyd Hollett (On Eagles’ Wings, Children of the Light) and Marilyn Simmons (Father I Place Into Your Hands). The sermon is by Rev. Amy and is based on the gospel, Mark 1:29-39).

You can watch a video of the service here:

You can listen to an audio only version of the service here.

Thank you for joining us today!

  1. Brooke: These are my priests of many years. Amy and Joe. They were ar ST Annes in Annapolis for years. She did divinity school at Harvard. Anyway, they left Annapolis and went to Africa. THen when Covid hit they sent them to the middle of nowhere in Newfoundland Canada. Her sermon is beautiful and I got teary-eyed when she talked about the lady with cancer.. I listen to their podcasts all the time. They say she will end up becoming a Bishop of the Episcopal church eventually,.Even if you listen to the sermon it is wonderful. Enjoy. J

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