What is Ethics?

Joe made this video for our parish confirmation class on What is Ethics? In it, he gives an introduction to 3 ways people have talked about ethics generally (or philosophically) and 5 ways Christians have thought about ethics and using the Bible in ethics. We’re sharing it here in case you find it helpful too.

You can watch the video here

You can listen to a recording of the presentation here.

Thanks for joining us today!

  1. Thank you. Yes Jim Would like to listen with me. Thank you. We love praying for the conformans during Morning prayer. Thinking about them not knowing the Lords Prayer. And hoping it’s sinking in. Did you receive a message on the passing of Fritzie Riley Kenny. Such a precious lady she was . We have had many deaths during the pandemic beginning with Jer Chambers , I had a good visit with Jane on Valentine Day. I have not seen Sylvia But plan too now that i have had the vaccine . The midshipmen just went back into lock down. No one on the yard and only the basket ball team who have been isolated can play their sport. I feel bad for the Mids as they have had a rough year. We have not been able to have the one , Conner , we sponsor over at all. Sent from my iPhone He is really nice. Is father is from India and Mom From Minnesota. They live in the north in a wooded are on a big lake. We were connected by their neighbors who are in Sanibel with us. We sure missed not being there.



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