Antimony Episode 8

A great blessing to me during this pandemic time has been working on the podcast, Antimony, based on my novel of the same name. Wonderful friends and family members are helping to bring this story to life in this audio-book-meets-audio-drama format. I’ve just posted Episode 8: Match Heads and Incense. You can listen to it here:

Antimony Episode 8

This an all previous episodes are available at, or on the podcast services listed on the link.

Thanks to all the actors in this episode: Lydia Brauer, David Merrill, Katherine Hilton, Aya Fouad, Rachel Hunter, Emmett Prough Richter, Josiah Dykstra, Ned Criscimagna, Pan Conrad, and Samantha McLaughlin. Pan Conrad provided the music, including the sound of disharmony, and Joel Richter provided the artwork. Thanks so much!

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