Easter Day

Alleluia! Christ is Risen!

Welcome to Morning Prayer for Easter Day. Thank you to parishioners Jessica Humber and Charlotte and Benjamin (leading our prayers), and Ed and Debbie Humber and Lloyd Hollett (leading Because He Lives, In the Bulb There Is A Flower, and Jesus Christ is Risen Today).  

You can watch the video here

You can listen to an audio recording here.

Thank you for joining us today. 

Daily Morning Prayer will be on recess this week. Please join us again soon. God’s joy and blessings to you.

  1. Dear Amy and Joe,
    I watched this yesterday, Holy Saturday. Moving sermon Joe, as you were moved, so was I. Those are the types of sermons that stay with me, because I will remember also how much it meant to you. Thank you for showing your emotion.
    I have been listening to your morning prayer and actually more a part of your Pasadena congregation from afar. I get much comfort from worshipping with you and seeing and hearing the both of you I suppose I am longing for a time past when you were both here. It is still good, because you are both there and liviing your calling, which continues to bless me, not matter when or in what circumstance.
    Love and blessings and “Easter” in us!


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