Morning Prayer for Trinity Sunday

Welcome to Morning Prayer from the Parish of Pasadena and Comack! Thank you to all the parishioners who helped lead this service: Emmie Penney (opening), Tanya Matthews (canticle—a Song of Ezekiel), Megan King (first lesson, Isaiah 6:1-8), Irene and Warwick Hewitt (leading the prayers) and Woody King, Emily Poole, Glenda Halfyard, Otto Goulding, Addison and Selina Pieroway; and musicians Ed, Debbie, and Robert Humber (leading Holy, Holy, Holy, and Father, We Love You) and Mona and Gerard Edwards (aka Double Vision, leading Spirit, Spirit of Gentleness). The sermon is by the Rev. Joseph Pagano.

Parts of the service were recorded at Bakers Brook Falls in Gros Morne Park, Newfoundland Labrador.

You can watch a video of the service here:

A few more pictures from today, all by Woody King. You can find more of Woody’s photos on the parish FB page.

Moose Exclosure

Thank you for joining us today! 

  1. (Sorry, retyping because I think my comment didn’t make it through. – J)

    Amy and Joe,

    How wonderful to see you today, and hear your wonderful message on the meaning of the Trinity.
    We hope to visit our NB relatives and Newfoundland/Labrador, this year if the border is opened!

    Thank you, thank you, thank you, for providing your podcasts and online worship service. Daily strength for us. The outdoor settings are beautiful.
    John and Cathy Clark, St. Anne’s

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  2. Wonderful morning prayer Amy and Joe! What a gift. That was a perfect sermon for this morning, on this day. What a beautiful place you’ve shared with a beautiful message. love, Heather and Dave


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