Morning Prayer for Wednesday June 16

Hello! We’re back after a break for some continuing education with this brief service of Morning Prayer. It’s under 17 minutes long. Our conversational reflection is on Luke 20:27–40, about the Resurrection. You can listen here.

Thanks for joining us today!

Graveyard in Little Brehat NL

Cemetery in Little Brehat on the Northern Peninsula, NL. The community was resettled (families moved elsewhere) in 1965. The cemetery faces east, and all the gravestones face east, which is, by tradition, the direction from which Jesus will come when he returns.

Gravestone detail in Little Brehat cemetery, Little Brehat, NL
View of Little Brehat with cemetery i background

Overlooking Little Brehat, with the cemetery in the background. Little Brehat is accessible by a hiking trail that starts in Great Brehat, about 7 km to the cemetery, out and back.

Trail info sign for Little Brehat Trail posted in Great Brehat NL
on the Little Brehat Trail
on the Little Brehat Trail

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