Morning Prayer for Friday October 8

Welcome to Morning Prayer! Today’s conversational reflection is on the gospel lesson for Thanksgiving, Matthew 6:25-33. Consider the birds of the air and the lilies of the field . . . How does this lead us away from worry and toward the truly good life?

You can listen to the service here.

Thank you for joining us today.

  1. Thank you Amy and Joe. I think the “worry” and noting “lilies of the field” (that God will take care of me) is key. This may sound simple and straightforward but I do worry far more than I need to. It can become a habit, and somehow it makes me feel in control or that it may ensure a good outcome, but none of that is real. I enjoyed your reflections and reminder of turning it over to God; no need to worry, and seeking God first, all of which leads to well-being. Love Jo

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  2. I enjoyed this service so much. A neighbor and I had been speaking today about all things surrounding us. It fit right in. I enjoy your services so very much.

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