Morning Prayer for Sunday October 24

Welcome to Morning Prayer! Thank you to parishioners Ed and Debbie Humber for leading our music today (“Fairest Lord Jesus” and “Be Thou My Vision”).  The sermon is based on the gospel reading for today, Mark 10:46-52. 

You can watch a video of the service here:

Thank you for joining us today.

  1. Dear Amy and Joe we always love worshiping with you. I am sidelined since a fall that gave me an open wound that we carefully nursed but became infected and very painful. I can walk but am to keep it up most of the time. I am on an antibiotic which may change when the tests they took to determine the bacteria causing the infection is identified . I guess it is on Petri dishes growing out. I would love your prayers . It is scary to think of the damage this can do if it gets in your blood stream. The dear friends and family have all been offering help which is very kind.I send love to you . It is so good to be able to see you as you lead the services from all the beautiful land surrounding you. This morning the neatest thing happened . I had read an email and as I closed it there popped up a picture of a priest sitting in the garden at Canterbury Cathedral surrounded by chickens and two White pigs . He had a lovely Morning Prayer and then a talk on the Canterbury Tales. Love joy and peace in Jesus. Deede Sent from my iPhone



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