Wednesday Wake Up

The past few Wednesdays we’ve been holding Wednesday Wake Up Morning Prayer on Pasadena Beach, just down the road from St David’s Church. With masks still required indoors and indoor fellowship after worship something we aren’t able to do with current covid restrictions, we decided it would be nice to have an opportunity to worship safely outdoors and enjoy coffee hour safely afterwards.

Our first gathering was before the time change and we gathered at sunrise (8:09 AM). After time change, we decided to stick with the same time (8:10, actually).

We had a little drizzle one week

We’ve had a little fire, thanks to Ron Day, aided by Cecil Anderson, and refreshments provided by Jennifer Day.

We say Morning Prayer, have a brief reflection, and then enjoy some fellowship time together in this beautiful place.

We don’t know how many more weeks the temperatures will allow us to gather, but we will check the forecast again next Tuesday and see if we can do it again before the snow comes or the temperatures plunge. In the meantime, we’re grateful for this lovely time of prayer and fellowship. To those who follow recorded Morning Prayer, we’ll keep trying for Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays, and Wednesdays when we can’t have morning prayer in person.

Wherever you may be, we hope you have a way to begin your day with a reminder of the beauty of God’s world, in nature and in people, and in the gift of prayer.

  1. Thanks Amy and Joe for your daily prayer and insights to the scriptures. They have helped us this past year! I think you ( and my Canadian cousins) have already celebrated Thanksgiving. Cathy and I will be thinking of you and your congregation when we celebrate this Thursday. Always, John and Cathy Clark


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    1. Thank you, John and Cathy! We hope you had a very nice Thanksgiving and that Advent is starting well for you. Blessings and joy to you, Amy and Joe


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