Angels Among Us

Dear Friends, 

While we’re experiencing a hiatus from in-person worship, we’re going to share excerpts from our recent book Common Prayer: Reflections on Episcopal Worship (Cascade Books, 2019), hoping that worshipers in the Anglican Church of Canada as well as Episcopalians will find “a window into the transformative experience of shared liturgy in all its particularity, difficulty, and beauty,” as Sara Miles wrote in an endorsement. 

Today, Amy reads an excerpt from her essay, “The Great Celestial-Terrestrial Choir.”

You can listen here.

Collect for the Week of Epiphany: O God of light and peace, whose glory, shining in the child of Bethlehem, still draws the nations to yourself: dispel the darkness that shrouds our path, so that we may come to kneel before Christ in true worship, offer him our hearts and souls, and return from his presence to live as he has taught. Amen. (From Morning Prayer for Epiphany at

Image from, Blackfriars Gallery and Library, Berkeley CA.

For more about Common Prayer: Reflections on Episcopal Worship, go to

  1. It is so wonderful to hear your voice again and I enjoyed this so much. When you spoke of your mother it brought so many wonderful memories for me.
    Thank you so much and please, tell Joe hello.


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