On the Summit

For today’s reflection, Rev Joe reads the next installment in his essay in progress, “The Solace of Landscape.” Here, we’re on the summit of Gros Morne.

You can listen here.

The top of Gros Morne. Some of the dots are caribou.
Amy over Ten Mile Pond
Caribou on Gros Morne from https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Gros_Morne_caribou.jpg

Thank you for joining us today!

  1. Dear Joe and Amy –

        Your daily reflections have become the starting point for my daily meditations. Your words – both of you – strike to my core.

        Joe from your summit of Gros Morne essay: “I seek the dissolution of self, the consolation of oblivion.”  Whew. Right on!     And one of my favorites from some time earlier, when you were in conversation, stays with me and makes me smile. I believe you were discussing “remembrance” Joe, when Amy made a connection between the words remember and dismember. Wow. Maybe because of my career in the Navy, the last 13 years spent as a hospital administrator, the visual effect of that tangent was amazing. And accomplished via auditory media! These are just two examples from so many of your writings.

        Cathy and I of course miss you both, but what you are accomplishing from your postings is reaching so many. Dion asked last week, How are Joe and Amy doing? when we mentioned we listened to you, and we gave him a positive report.

        We still hope to get up to NL!           In Peace,      John

    John Clark116 Spa View AvenueAnnapolis, MD 21401+1 410-693-1801

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