Morning Prayer for March 6

Welcome to Morning Prayer from the Parish of Pasadena and Cormack! Thank you to Ed and Debbie Humber and Lloyd Hollett for leading our music (“Tree of Life an Awesome Mystery” and “Let There Be Peace on Earth”). The sermon is based on the Gospel reading, Luke 4:1-13. 

You can watch a video of the service here.

Thank you for joining us today. God’s grace and peace be with you.

  1. We will look so forward to worshiping with you. We are the greeter/ helpers at 5:30 Sunday so we decided to stay home tomorrow morning hoping you were having a service. We treasure your visit and are praying ,Joe , that you are healing well. Thank you for your note to Townsend and to me. This has been a very full week and I sort of ran out of steam by today. I had a quiet morning withJesus and then worked on all the plants I have wintering over on the upstairs porch. Adela ,Sally and I went to a retreat yesterday at the Retreat House in Hillsboro where Heather is on the staff. It was in a lovely very old church that belongs to the Diocese of Easton. We are so thankful for Joe being able to have the medical care he needed here in Annapolis. It was good also Amy that you could be checked . I hope the ferry trip was a smooth ride on your return. Jim and I were so blessed to be able to be with you in the time you were here. I saw Kathryn on Thursday night at the church and she too was filled with joy and happy memories to have breakfast with you. We were together to sing outside at 8:30pm the Ukraine National Anthem. Ernie organized it and it was beautiful. This is such a sad and frightening time. My heart is breaking for the people of Ukraine and really the fear in the surrounding countries. He is a mad man and it is so frightening. We are headed out to meet Joshua Jennifer Joshua jr and James for dinner. They chose barbecue. I think it is the favorite of the Joshuas. We send our love and prayers. We look forward to seeing you on the screen in the morning. Jim and Deede Sent from my iPhone



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