Canadian Road Trip

We ❤️ the maritime provinces. Here’s a song by Gene MacLellan from Prince Edward Island, made famous by Anne Murray from Nova Scotia. This is what it’s like to be in the car with us.

Here are a few photos from our drive to Gros Morne National Park on Friday and walks in the park.

We saw a moose! On First Ave in Pasadena, around the corner from where we live. I was so excited I couldn’t get the camera out of my pocket. By the time I did, she was disappearing into the trees. Here she goes:

When we got into the park, we walked to Lomond River, and saw another moose! Here goes this one.

Here’s the view from the beginning of the hike:

Next we went to the Tablelands, one of our favourite places.

After our walk, we drove to Green Gardens to check on how much snow is still on the trail. On the drive, we saw two caribou.

After we passed the Tablelands, we saw another moose.

Not a snowbird, but a bird in the snow, a Pine Grosbeak, near the Lomond River.

Thank you, Anne Murray.

  1. It would be fun driving along with you singing as you go. I love hearing the Song. I wanted to jump in with you. I am very happy to have you back in Maryland so near to Annapolis. I know you will miss your friends and the beauty of New Foundland . Margaret and I walked yesterday and had a nice chat about ymove back to Maryland. It will be so nice for you to fed family before you arrive in Frederick. Love to you and joy as your travel along with a song on your heart. Deede Jim also !!

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  2. Jim and I loved the song as you traveled. I will keep it on my phone . It is a happy song !!!we love the pictures. I know you will always treasure all of this beauty. We have loved being a part of your time in Newfoundland thru your photos and stories. What a beautiful place. We also love seeing your friends at the church. Hearing them read and sing was a gift. We especially loved the Hummers and their friend in the background on the accordion. We were so thankful to worship with you. Love to you Amy and Joe as you savor your remaining days. We will be very happy and thankful to welcome to back to Maryland. I was walking with Margaret on Saturday and she too is happy and thankful you will be near. Love in Jesus as you prepare for your departure. I know you have so blessed the lives of your parishes and each person you have met. I remember your story about none of the young people knew the Lord’s Prayer. I am so thankful for what their journey for Conformation must have meant to them and their families . Their is joy in loving God !! Jim and Deede

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  3. Beautiful sights. I know you will miss being in the northlands. I love seeing your pictures and feeling your joy in being part of your surroundings.


  4. I’m not sure that the Catoctin Mountains will be quite the hiking challenge you have enjoyed in Newfoundland. However Paul and I are delighted to have you back in Maryland. As I’m sure you know, both NF and MD were originally colonized by the Calverts. Oddly, they seemed to prefer the warmer climate, but your photos and videos make a strong counterclaim.


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